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Metal Doors and Frames (Standard)

EZ Entry Doors Complete pre-hung door assemblies with all hardware furnished and installed, installation ready

EZ Entry Doors EZ Entry Doors are UL listed 1 1/2 HR B Label hollow metal welded door and frame combinations with exclusive profiles designed specifically for elevator swing door applications

EZ Entry Doors Special sizes and profiles: 3'-0 x 6'8" is standard. Max single 4'x 8', double swing 8'x8'. Dumbwaiter swing door assemblies to suit.

EZ Entry Doors Power or manual operation, with intergal interlocks built in and prepiped. Gal "N", electric strike, prudhomme or specials (your interlock) all available


EZ Entry Doors Concealed door closer with delay action built into frame

EZ Entry Doors Multiple anchoring systems, stud, masonry, tube or flange, all designed to ease and speed installation.

EZ Entry Doors Vision panels of choice. Standard code compliance window furnished is of exclusive splayed/flush design with UL rating

EZ Entry Doors Hall stations of choice, installed

EZ Entry Doors Flush or recessed (up to 3") door set back, for use with or without car gates

EZ Entry Doors Wood doors, flush or panel with UL label

EZ Entry Doors Stainess and marine applications

EZ Operator

EZ Entry Doors Smallest most versatile POWER swing door opener available. Safe and simple installation with low 24 volt power supply. Battery back-up is standard. Remote control option available

EZ "No Show"

EZ Entry Doors NEW! For 2017 The EZ "No Show" is our EXCLUSIVE TOTALLY CONCEALED power swing door operator.

EZ Entry Doors EZ ENTRY DOORS are now available with our proven unique "EZ Operator" incorporated within the door frame. Designed to eliminate visible external boxes and wires. (Now vandalproof) doors and frames are standard in size, able to blend with other non-powered doors

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